Education System In Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a state where the education system is at the top level with a large number of schools, colleges, and universities. This state is flocked by the students from all over the nation as well as the world. Pune is the hub of top colleges and universities in Maharashtra. The literacy rate of male is 90% and the female literacy rate is 70%. B.Tech colleges in Maharashtra are high in number. The eligibility criteria to enter them is getting a good rank in entrance exams like EAMCET, AIEEE etc.

Students from different places want to pursue in Maharashtra because the courses are made student friendly and economical hailing from all backgrounds and education system is different compared to other places.

Maharashtra had a maximum number of colleges offering a range of courses in the field of science, commerce as well as arts. Starting from the management to medical colleges in Maharashtra, there are many colleges that offer the opportunity to study in that state for NRI students. As per the standard of (AICTE), All Indian Council for Technical Education related to self-funded educational institutions mentioned 15% of the seats are reserved for NRI students. The All India Council for Technical Education [AICTE] also thinks that colleges offering seats to NRI students must also have the hostel facility to live in.

Hostels and Accommodation in Maharashtra

The Engineering Colleges in Maharashtra has a number of hostels that offer accommodation to students from all over the country. There are many educational institutions that are having their own accommodation option for their students.

In India with respect to Engineering, MBBS and other courses like BBA is also in the same standard. A Bachelor of Business Administration course BBA can prepare the students to manage the companies by learning the specializations like Marketing, Human Resource Management, Finance, and Operations etc., Through BBA, students can learn business education and also skills which will help them in various management and administrative roles in the company. This course will also help the employees to get promotion from their current position to a higher position. Many employees will take a leave from their job and started pursuing a BBA course in the B schools.

This course is a 4 years programme which prepares the student for a different position within the company. Through this course, students can gain knowledge in business practices and the process and also understand the role of economics in the world of the marketplace and get an awareness about global business issues. There are various universities and colleges with in India and also abroad which are offering BBA course to the students. This course will allow the candidate to enter into the field of management. BBA course is the stepping stone to the high-value postgraduate course like MBA. This course helps an individual to gain knowledge about the corporate system and also the fundamentals of administration system.

Many people have a misconception that left out only to study the bachelor program in business administration but technically many courses are developed and finally, the misconception of the people have been cleared to a greater extent. Those who have huge interest in business and administration pursue this course. After completion of the BBA, students those who have a chance they can study the master’s program in business administration. This programme will help the students to study about the economic trends, fiscal policies and also different administrative to deal with various operations and transactions in this commercial world. It is beneficial to all those BBA candidates who have their plans to do MBA course in future. So it is a professional and can get good jobs more easily as compared to other graduation courses.

Updated: July 8, 2019 — 2:18 pm

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