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Check Nagaland DEAR Lottery Results: Nagaland is a small state located in Northeast India. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and unique traditions. However, one of the most popular activities in Nagaland is the lottery game. The Nagaland lottery is a legal and government-run lottery game that has been operating since the 1970s. The game is popular among the people of Nagaland and has also gained a following in other parts of India.

The Nagaland lottery is operated by the Nagaland State Lotteries department, which is a part of the state government. The lottery draws take place every day, and there are several different games that players can participate in. The most popular games are the Dear Lottery and the Dear Vulture Lottery. The Nagaland lottery is known for its high prize money and low-ticket prices, making it accessible to a large number of people.

Check Nagaland DEAR Lottery Results

The lottery results are announced every day at 1 PM, 6 PM & 8 pm on the official Nagaland State Lottery website. The results are also published in various newspapers and displayed in lottery shops across the state. The Nagaland lottery results are eagerly awaited by players, who check the results to see if they have won a prize.

The Nagaland lottery has had a significant impact on the economy of the state. The revenue generated from the lottery sales is used for various developmental projects and welfare schemes in the state. The lottery has also created job opportunities for many people, including lottery sellers, distributors, and agents.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Results 9.5.2023

Lottery Name Nagaland State Lottery Sambad 2023
Draw Date 4th Draw held on 09.05.2023
Draw Name Sambad & Dear Night Lottery Sambad
First Prize INR 1 Crore
Draw Result Date 09.05.2023
Timings 1PM, 6PM & 8PM

Dear Evening 8:00 PM Prize

Day Ticket Name
Monday Dear Flamigo Evening
Tuesday Dear Parrot Evening
Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening
Thursday Dear Falcon Evening
Friday Dear Vulture Evening
Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening
Sunday Dear Hawk Evening

 Dear Evening 8:00 PM Prize Money Break out

Rank No of Prizes Prize Amount Super Prize Amount
1 1 99,00,000 1,00,000
Cons 699 1,000 500
2 7000 9,000 500
3 70,000 500 50
4 70,000 250 20
5 7,00,000 120 10

However, the Nagaland lottery has also faced criticism and controversy over the years. Some people have raised concerns about the impact of the lottery on vulnerable communities, such as low-income households and individuals with gambling addiction. Others have criticized the government for using the lottery as a revenue-generating tool, rather than focusing on more sustainable sources of income.

Despite the criticisms, the Nagaland lottery continues to be a popular game in the state. It is seen as a form of entertainment and a chance to win big prizes. Many people participate in the lottery regularly and hope to strike it lucky someday.

Steps to Download Nagaland State Lottery Results Today 09.05.2023

  • Go to official website of Nagaland Lottery
  • Click on the option Lottery Results
  • Search for Nagaland Government Lottery Results 9/5/2023
  • Click on it to view your Nagaland Sambad Lottery Results 2023
  • Enter lottery number to see your Results.

Nagaland lottery is a popular and legal lottery game that has been operating for several decades. The lottery results are eagerly awaited by players, and the game has had a significant impact on the economy of the state. However, the lottery has also faced criticism and controversy over the years. It is up to the government to ensure that the lottery is operated in a responsible and ethical manner, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

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